Infinite Number of Monkeys:
Sketch Comedy of Hypotheticals

The show that started it all. This show is based around the following concept:

"If you take an Infinite number of monkeys and an infinite number of typewriters, eventually they will type out the complete works of William Shakespeare".


This is the situation and main thrust of the show. We meet the two frustrated scientists responsible for getting Shakespeare from their many simian charges housed in an infinitely sized warehouse, conveniently offstage. As their frustration grows they explore and explode many other urban myths combining the cerebral with the surreal in search of the all important Bard.

The show has a strong literary theme; as the infinite number of monkeys try hard to type out the complete works of Shakespeare the 'nearly pile' in the project office grows higher and higher with such works as Romeo and Julian, and Dylan Thomas' Under Milkround and Harry Patter. These attempts on the classics are presented between the main story to provide a show of variety, pace and style.

James, Tim, and a Typewriter

The Press Response

Critics Choice - The Times, The Independent

"Awkward quandaries abound in this fiendish comedy of hypotheticals." - The Times

"...While the monkeys are typing the humour takes off...The stream of potted novels, which the performers enact with relish, is particularly memorable. It is a clever piece and the jokes come thick and fast. This is a wonderfully witty show..." - Fiona McCade - The Scotsman

"This duo stand out from the pack" - Chris Bartlett - The Stage