Infinite Number of Monkeys Do Gravity

The difficult second album for the sketch team. This sketch show follows the life, discoveries and friends of the country's greatest physicist Sir Isaac Newton as he attempts to get his ideas published. It links Apples, Alchemy, and Arson to Francis Willougby's most interesting book "The History of Fish", and explains how the Great Fire of London truly began the frenzy.


The Press Response...

Critics Choice - The Scotsman, Independent, Daily Telegraph

"An infinite number of monkeys may well be able to write the complete works of Shakespeare... but they would be hard pressed to come up with comic writing of this quality between now and Doomsday... The Monkeys cram more quality one liners into their opening duologue than a lot of shows fit into two hours" - Roger Cox - The Scotsman

"...if the topic is weighty it is tackled with a beguiling lightness of touch. The Centuries intertwine delightfully as Newton (FitzHigham) quaffing mercury, is bombarded by apples and yearns to grace the new £50 note...the sixty minutes fly by." - Mark Monahan - The Daily Telegraph

"Makes the comic light and the serious comical...a clever mixture of classic and bang up to date, but it's the intelligent presentation as much as the content which makes it a must see". - The Independent