Infinite Number of Monkeys

Shakespeare/Monkey/Typewiter animation

The production company Infinite Number of Monkeys was founded in 1998 with an idea on a napkin and £364.84, in a burger joint in Kings Cross. From this glamorous showbiz start the company produced its first show in London and Edinburgh. This netted a Perrier Nomination and several good reviews. In 2000 a UK national tour was organised in partnership with Guy Chapman Associates of Covent Garden.

Now with many major UK and European tours to its credit, Infinite Number of Monkeys remains committed to giving a voice to new writing, comedy, and music.

In 2004, the company expanded to include a record label to produce recordings of the shows. Within two months the original print run of CDs sold out, and within six months hundreds of CDs had been sold.

Infinite Number of Monkeys Ltd also present shows in conjunction with several acclaimed London West End production companies, large theatre houses and groups.

Monkey chews Monkeys
Monkey chews Monkeys